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    The home of Agility and applied Common Sense. QuickFocus is an online suite packed with training services, self development and productivity tools.

  • Professional Mentor

    Your No.1 professional business and IT Mentor. Subscribe and join this online knowledge hub. You are just one step away to achieve your desired personal or business benefit.

  • After Action Review

    The self development tool that will assist you, through enforced discipline on yourself, to drive your commitment and encourage you to measure yourself and become your own best critic.

  • Quiz

    Take our free interactive challenge and test your agility skills and level of common sense in just 10 minutes. Good luck! Sign up for free and start the Quiz.

  • Join our webinars

    Improve your thinking and approach that tackles certain common business problems. Regular webinar sessions delivered by an Agile Trainers and Specialists. Agility with applied common sense.

  • Onsite Training

    A specialized team can offer both customized training courses for your business, on-site coaching/mentoring and also public training sessions. We are here to be your Agile Partner.

What is QuickFocus?


The home of Agility consisting of an in-practice knowledge base, training services and productivity tools to help organisations develop business solutions within timeframes and to fixed budgets.

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What is Agile?


Many people understand Agile as being a process that enables development of projects faster. While this is true in QuickFocus agile is not just simply about the process but about the PEOPLE.

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Who is 6PM?


Established in 1996, 6PM offers a full range of ICT services and products which include BI and Data Warehousing Consultancy, IRM and EDM Consultancy, Agile Overview and Consultancy, Infrastructure Services and more.

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Who uses QuickFocus?

Clients who are already happily using one or more of our products.



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