Wireframe faster

Every day, people use SnapUp to create amazing user interfaces.

They Don't Have to Read Your Mind

We all know how hard it is to communicate a project's requirements in the early stages.

SnapUp solves this with simple, powerful tools to rapidly create wireframes that your customers, managers, and colleagues will instantly understand.

SnapUp - An online, collaborative, UI wireframing and mockup tool

Advanced Sharing Controls

You're in control of your projects. We make it easy to work together and share ideas.

Granular Sharing Controls

Invite colleagues and customers to your projects. Maybe just to review, or you can even let them contribute.

Realtime collaboration using SnapUp - A collaborative online wireframing and mockup tool

Public Preview

Show your designs with anyone in the world with a simple, ready-to-share URL.

Public Preview using SnapUp - A collaborative online wireframing and mockup tool

Realtime Collaboration

Work together with co-workers, clients, managers, and others in real-time. Let them instantly see what you're working on.

Fits Within an Agile Environment

Describe your work

Add notes and annotations to elements. Describe elements, pages, and interactions in fine detail.

Adding notes to elements using SnapUp - A collaborative online wireframing and mockup tool.

Project Managers rejoice.
Automatic Documentation.

Automatically generate complete requirements documentation with the click of a button.

Automatic documentation using SnapUp - A collaborative online wireframing and mockup tool.

Involving users in the design phase was the best decision I ever made! We get far better results from the very first iteration, resulting in stronger products, less expenditure, and fewer support requests. Couldn't have done it without SnapUp.

Mark Debono

CEO & Founder, Systemato

I regularly design with clients abroad, SnapUp makes remote wireframing easy. Communicating ideas and coming to agreements is done quickly. It's a great productivity and project management tool, with business users and designers in mind.

Daniel Cassar

Freelance Web Designer

SnapUp is a game changer in the wire-framing tool market. It's packed with time saving features that will literally help you get your project going 'in a snap'.

Daniel Parascandolo

UX Designer, Wicker

I've used most of the mockup tools out there, but SnapUp hit me for its simplicity and ease of use, which makes the wireframing process a much slimmer and smoother one.

Miguel Cachia

Founder & Art Director, Panda Design